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My Equipment

Model SVK30 Chimney Sweep Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The SVK30 Sturdy Vac has two 1,000 watt by-pass motors with a 45 litre capacity stainless steel canister and a Hepa cartridge filter (99.997% efficient on particles to 0.6 microns to BS 3928). This is essential for providing a safe environment whilst sweeping and conforming to current industry standards. Supplied by local company linked below.

Rods and Brushes

I use Bailey Blue Rods and Tamar brushes for traditional sweeping of chimneys up to 36″ in diameter.

The brushes are made with polypropylene bristles densely packed and glued within the spiral to give additional strength and durability. 

Nylon Flexi rods are used for sweeping vitreous enamel, lined and twin wall flue systems. These rods are sufficiently flexible to go round bends, but with enough rigidity to be used in long stacks. The Duct and Flue brushes are designed using a short stem with soft bristle for effective cleaning of flexible liners and metal flues. 
All the above are supplied by:
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