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Maintenance and Chimney Sweeping

Is your chimney in good condition?

If your chimney has not been used for some time it is essential to have it inspected and swept before using solid fuels. Defective chimneys can leak dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide that risk concentrating in the home.

Using solid fuel appliances

Solid fuel appliances are very different to the gas and electric heating systems that most of us are familiar with. You will need to familiarise yourself with the maintenance requirements of your system, and ensure that you burn good quality fuel.

Maintenance of your chimney

Solid fuel appliances may appear simple, but they require regular maintenance to order to stay safe, clean and efficient.  You should ensure that ash is removed at least once a day, the fluways and throat plates are cleaned at least once a month and that grates and firebricks are in good condition. Your installer or stove supplier will be able to provide an appropriate maintenance schedule. You can also read a HETAS information leaflet.

Chimney Maintenance in Brighton

If other people are occupying your home (for example if you rent out the property or you have a carer) you must provide them with guidance on using and maintaining your solid fuel appliance (also see my page on CO Alarm regs). Most people are not familiar with solid fuel appliances and their maintenance requirements.

It is essential to keep your chimney clean by sweeping it at least once a year.

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