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Ecodesign Compliance

Climate change and the environmental impact of using solid fuel appliances has been hotly debated over the last couple of years.  At the start of this new decade, thoughts become more focused on Ecodesign Compliant Stoves.  Here we take a look at what the legislation means and how it will affect us now and into the future.

What is Ecodesign?

Ecodesign is a piece of EU legislation requiring all future solid fuel burning appliances to adhere to new minimum seasonal efficiency and maximum emission performance limits before they can be legally sold and installed on the UK (EU) market.  Even with our recent departure from the EU, the UK is still committed to this legislation.

Any appliance coming off the manufacturer production line after the implementation date will be required to have been tested for Ecodesign minimum efficiency and maximum emission limits, including;

  • Seasonal Efficiency

  • Particulate Matter (Smoke)

  • Organic Gaseous Compounds (OGC)

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)

  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx)

Dates to remember

Independent Boilers – 1st January 2020.  This is now live and any independent boiler systems installed must be Ecodesign Compliant.

Roomheater Stoves, Stoves with Boilers & Cookers – 1st January 2022

Will existing installations be affected?

No. The new regulations proposed only cover those new roomheater appliances that are made available for sale and installed on the UK market after January 2022.

There are stipulations for the installer in ensuring that newly installed and commissioned appliances after the implementation date have been independently tested and verified as meeting the new provisions within Ecodesign. Those appliances that meet all current and future UK performance requirements can be accessed in the HETAS Guide, or by using the search facility on the HETAS website

Can I install a non-Ecodesign compliant stove after 2022?

No.  Ecodesign prohibits the “putting into service” (i.e. commissioning) of any appliance that after 2022 does not meet the emission and efficiency requirements within Ecodesign.

The Ecodesign regulations were placed into law into 2015, giving appliance manufacturers a 7-year transitional period in order to prepare for implementation of the regulations.

HETAS fully supports the introduction of Ecodesign Compliant Stoves and has been working with manufactures over the last few years to support those companies who have achieved Ecodesign compliance ahead of the 2022 deadline.  We see this as a positive step in reducing the negative press that has surrounded the solid fuel industry in the last few years.  For the best advice when buying a stove, please follow the link to find HETAS Approved Retailer in your area.

Exempt For Use In Smoke Control Areas vs Ecodesign

Enquiries about this are coming from customers wanting to buy stoves that are advertised as meeting the Ecodesign emissions limits or meeting all of the future Ecodesign requirements. Some have been led to believe that it is legal to install and use an Ecodesign compliant stove in Smoke Control Areas (SCA) when it may not be.

There has been no change to the criteria for exempt appliances. The first advice that must be given to the prospective purchaser is that an exempt stove or authorised smokeless fuel must appear on the list of exempt appliances/ authorised fuels published in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland:

Every exempt appliance is listed on the above weblist/ statutory instrument along with the allowed fuel or fuels that can be used on it. Manufacturers instructions will also list suitable fuels. The law on which appliances can be used in smoke control areas is simple and there should be no confusion from the sales or purchase perspective. Appliances and fuels must be on the above weblist/statutory instrument to be used in smoke control areas.

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