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Covid 19 Strategy

Attending all customers homes and those within High Risk Group 

During the current Covid 19 pandemic there is a risk of infection of others in the workplace / home and of cross contamination in the workplace, the following measures will be put in place to negate or reduce this risk.

  •  I will assess each job on case by case basis using risk v benefits analysis.

  • For those people within the High Risk Group the work will need to be deemed essential or risk critical

  • Before arrival request customer carry out the following:


1. Clear access route to the appliance.

2. Remove coffee tables, fenders, etc. from the area around the appliance.

3. Remove all ornaments, tools, fuel containers, etc. from the hearth.

4. Make an electrical outlet easily available.

5. Maintain social distancing throughout, preferably leave the room.

6. Keep a phone nearby for contact with the sweep.

7. Have a credit/debit card available for payment.

  • Can social distancing (2m rule) / isolation be maintained, customers to stay in other room / outside, no physical contact

  • Ensure thorough decontamination of any items or surfaces touched

  • Avoid contact with public where possible.

  • Initial assessment must include questioning of persons as to whether they are confirmed or suspected as infected.  

  • Customer and staff to declare ‘no symptoms or contact with symptomatic groups’ before entry is permitted.

  • No entry into any premises without donning P3 mask or similar, two pairs of medical nitrile gloves, safety glasses, disposable shoe covers and coverall protection suit. 

  • PPE must be worn at all times.

  • Clean /disinfect appliance and hearth before and after work, where possible, POTENTIAL FOR  POROUS HEARTHS / FIREPLACES TO BE DAMAGED IF THIS PROCEDURE ADOPTED

  • Ensure hand washing before entry and exit carried out.

  • Where possible keep all windows fully open in work area.

  • No paperwork to be issued or signed, all records and certificates to be kept by sweep / installer and copies sent electronically.


Warning given to customer that my P3 mask only protects myself and the customer should also don similar PPE if coming within 2m

  • Electronic payments only via BACS or card reader

  • Disinfect card reader before and after use

  • Maintain 2m distance

  • Customer should not sign certificates


Certificates saved electronically, copies can be sent either by post or electronically via email

Attending customers homes who are isolating and / or  shielding or deemed ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’

  • I will assess each job on case by case basis using risk v benefits analysis, NO WORK SHOULD BE CARRIED OUT IN THIS HOUSEHOLD UNLESS IT IS TOO REMEDY A DIRECT RISK TO THE SAFETY OF THE HOUSEHOLD, the best option is to avoid carrying out work or entering premise until Covid 19 pandemic is finished.

  • Is the job essential ie, only form of heating, some health and safety issue need resolving, ie, flies, vermin, smells, birds nest

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