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Carbon Monoxide (CO) - What to Do

Have you chimney swept at least once a year, ideally before use. It is now a legal requirement to fit a CO alarm when fitting a new stove. In older properties if a chimney is not lined and there is the potential for leaks, it may be advisable to place CO alarms in rooms the chimney passes through.

CO is only slightly lighter / less dense than air, it will mix with the air, it’s therefore best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation, although many guides suggest about shoulder height in the room containing a live fire, or head height in a sleeping area (bed height).

If your appliance begins to burn slowly, goes out frequently or if you smell or suspect fumes:

  • Open doors and windows

  • Carefully put out the fire or allow too burn itself out

  • Do NOT stay in the room any longer than necessary

  • Do NOT attempt to re-light the fire or appliance until checked by a professional

  • Call 999 and request an Ambulance and the Fire Service if the alarm is sounding or a person is unwell

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